Michasha Armstrong

Michasha Armstrong is a British-Canadian film and television actor recognized for his numerous appearances in hit films and TV shows such as Deadpool 2, X-Men 2, Kung Fu, Some Assembly Required, Stargate SG-1, Underworld 2. In 2014, he was honored as an outstanding role model at the inaugural Black Canadian Awards held in Toronto, Canada. Born January 31,1976 in West Ham, London England, to his loving Barbadian patents. His mother a central London -based nurse and his father was stationed at the Royal Air Force base in North Africa.

In 1994, the family relocated to Calgary Alberta, Canada. While living in Canada Michasha had the opportunity to meet the iconic actor Sir, Sidney Poitier and that experience changed his life and interest in he art of acting. While on location, Sir. Sidney Poitier was starring in a western-themed made for TV movie titled. 'Children of the Dust.' playing the role of a reluctant gunslinger hired to escort and relocate a large group of black settlers across the state. The movie co-starred Robert Guillaume, Michael Moriarty and Farrah Fawcett, and because of the producer's vision of a half-black, half-native American Indian in the film along with Michasha's chiseled facial features and his 6'4 frame, he was cast to play Sidney Poitier's right-hand man. Once the production was complete. The crew and other actors encouraged Michasha to pursue acting in Los Angeles, California. However, Sir Sidney Poitier suggested that Michasha pursue an acting career in Vancouver, BC Canada. One year after the mentorship of Sidney Poitier and the onset experience. Michasha moved to Vancouver, BC to pursue an acting career.

Despite no formal acting training. Michasha was skilled in the discipline of martial arts and had a strong physical presence, striking features and committed work ethic. As a result he landed a role in the Egyptian -themed TV show Stargate SG-1.

During his time, he received on the job training as an Actor, Stunt Performer and Stand-In, which would eventually lead to a reoccurring acting role as the character (Shak'l) over a four year run with the hit TV series. Michasha's passion for acting and the love of technology has led him into the world of 3D animation. He is motivated by the ability to generate his storytelling vision by using tools such as Unreal Engine 5, Zbrush and 3DS Max to create different worlds and environments that his character live within.

Michasha thrives when he and other creative can come together to collaborate, design and produce content that is both entertaining and educational, Subsequently, showcasing his passion, talent and enthusiasm while also giving back to his community.